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tv   Popxport - The German Music Magazine  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2018 4:30am-5:00am CEST

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parts of the protest. part three. highlights. program. dot com highlights. hello and the welcome to pop explored analysts show and i'm here to ring you the best of from the german music scene coming up on this show. them and kind of bands of do not close and personal. the star of the singer david
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drayman in berlin back safe. and the fifty years out. we kick things off with a german punk band that's known for their awesome live shows especially in japan and the u.s. the doing that so the boys are about to go on their next tour and here's what you need to know about them. it's a normal but yet a man's leg at a job a drug that. was the problem was that i just do not star on a roll they take their selling out they're playing at major festivals i'm not even a year after their last album came out the punk band is working on new songs the latest album is called now to alice donovan meaning now to them both the band has a clear message to. sing about or can swear living in a very striking time i mean on most days the person sitting in the oval office tweets out one hundred forty characters of madness in capital letters we're told so
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we decided to counter that with a left wing populist title you know what the meaning is actually their hearts can beat louder than bombs so it's a positive message of unity against war mongering. they do not from western germany have been performing in your outfit twenty four years already as one of germany's best known bands they also perform in japan on the u.s. . after a dispute with their record company they launched their own label in two thousand and six. they directed the video in full stop the clocks themselves in two thousand and eight but not all of the band was out the shoot in sweden. either goes on the stand was a simple table thought it was really creative to only have two band members in the video before that but the truth is we could only afford flights for two people with
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thought he was going to want to play his troubles on long past now the band is celebrated for that quality nice performances. thank you. to sing in english but now to alice bone than is best second album with jim and the lyrics. which felt right for the musicians. in the kind of future benefits we're not a political band we're just five guys with understanding if something bothers us we express that own musical but if you can do that in english too but in german it's more honest and direct so it touches people more just going to knock you off you mean. you do not feel at home at festivals like the highfield festival only and might think show you here. and not have on the same church they
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join the festival go was. strictly. not in november do nots will be touring again showing their true colors with that constant beat now did them by all means. next up we have the my personal your tools that are all the way they are emma is just seven years old but she has an incredibly powerful voice a voice that has turned her into an internet sensation. oh. yeah merican girl was allowed to sing the national anthem at an l.a. galaxy soccer game.
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events are play out one time in breckenridge was swept off his boots emma wants to be a singer and an actress her biggest idol is christina aguilera. sounds . i am sure this is the last time we'll hear from her german rappa ali got to i has a new album she laughed a bit of what vine sims is about self destruction and clich├ęs in the music industry and to celebrate the release obvious first single of the record came up with a special idea for the music video apparently obv action films.
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the. above.
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the new album has gone down well it even not the great serve pull mccartney on the top of the chair about coming out now some new music act that is so successful that even been awarded a special prize here's the latest news from lists. for the first time ever there were two winners of the anchor music award in hamburg and they're both from belgium. the winners of this year's newcomer award were singer songwriter tommy know. and psychedelic pop back faces on t.v. a total of eight newcomers were in the running. this year's double prize came after a stalemate among the jury panel star producer tony visconti u.s. musician linda perry and german american soul singer cassandra steen just couldn't
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agree on one winner. the award is handed out every year at the paper festival the biggest club festival in europe. on the third of october berlin will celebrate german unity day with a free concert featuring top german stars like singer named. to. cover the grappler semi deluxe this is. the break the star patrice. and pop newcomer not mika. for the highlight they'll play their hits together with the syrian ex-pat philharmonic orchestra as a symbol of tolerance and humanity. time flies i hear this self-proclaimed best band in the world the ants has a big trip coming up next year they are rocking their way. crossed ten european
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countries for their miles and more tour and even though the punk rockers sing in german it seems they're a big hit with fans everywhere all venue sold out just three days after the tickets went on sale. ads we haven't heard anything new from them in a while wrecking our way now into the metal scene the my colleague benedict met up with the singer from the american band did this with setting an emoji salai and said here is how he did. call me david draymond singer often met head superstar in a so terry room at some up that's in berlin today as part of the promotion of the new district record evolution allegedly david used to sell mobile phones before his record days so i thought why not bring them some just today.
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the most important question right at the beginning what happened to your signature pieces. but they're kind of a pain in the. it just felt kind of weird walking around like a forty five year old hot topic it just felt it was time you already compared your new album to mattel because i put it in one thousand into one album aka to black album quite a bold statement right it's simply a matter of. something that every rock and every little bit aspires to they all
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want to write that record that takes them to the next level and that's what the black album did for metallica and that's what i'm hoping this record does for us just in the sense that i hope that we can have a similar type of. stars aligning and fate taking a hand and things really exploding the way we hope it will effect five albums depute the number one. achievement accomplished only by mattel the car and that they've met use bent hope because the pressure to continue to success and lend a new number one with new record pressure always builds and it's never worse from anyone or anything than the pressure we put on ourselves so you want to land a new number one i would love to.
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i literally you would work in phone sales before is that right it is true it wasn't phone sales per se my job was to answer calls from people who are looking for replacement parts never the less welcome to know what ultimate. you know rock metal band disc would be smashing pumpkins compensate american rock demographic guns and roses there was very cricket as american rock band. i won we should keep it maybe it's nuts i have. that when i could i don't know it's a former english conch rock all the surface all right you know market now now if i get it. physically there guess. american rock band i love them.
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right. and this one. american heavy metal band. but it's the first. day of it drayman from this trip he told me he hadn't sold mobile phones only parts of it and the emoji quick way too easy for rocco like david that. the whole world of pop music on the facebook page the w. music check out your favorite star and the latest from the scene. with us into the
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top universe i'm sure there was some facebook we'll see you then d w music. want to check out brand new music then you're at the right play here i go hottest new releases. kamin from ghana and from germany fell in love and got pregnant but kareem still waiting for his german visa this true story features in the hamburg bennett revolver held video for their song about long distance relationships. suck.
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acoustic pop and gravelly vocals that's the trademark sound of on in my contact high the band's debut album with gold three times over now the voice from cologne have released a new single. which . these disco house grooves are courtesy of purple disco machine aka eighteen zero pm tech the producer and d.j. from dresden travels the world bringing deep funk to clubs like this one only be.
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back. they may sound american but travels and trunks are from dortmund in western germany the five country rockers are taking their debut album i get along on tour in germany and france. this year we're celebrating an anniversary fifty years objects out talk during the world wars the college was there on the terry name given to german soldiers but the word has taken on a positive meaning in music it represents a german artist's love experimentation one of the best known cult talk bands isikoff that the bad acts like tangerine dream can and noise also help to make the music style what it is let's take a look back. this
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is craft band at the start of the korean with the sound of french rock. also on the scene from cologne broke free from traditional song structure with the psychedelic sound. and some noise from the rhineland region also helped forge the new sound of krautrock. soulful wooden in those weeks are the classic structures out the window along with the whole idea of harmonic. grip we developed the music complained it to not be surprised to what happened. to.
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compose a mission the whole time started exploring new musical horizons at the age of eighteen he was a member of craft track and went on to form two of the most influential crafts. nine hundred seventy one million nine hundred seventy three. rebelled against musical convention. and is under fire for as i turned away from the music of my teens from the heroes of my youth the british and american musicians. i began to realize i couldn't be happy anymore just repeating retelling all reinterpreting ideas from other musicians. and nine hundred sixty eight student protests reached a peak as germany set out to reinvent itself they were demonstrating against
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established social structures. at the same time german musicians were also breaking new ground it was an expression of a desire for freedom. fries. so that's towards the late sixty's early seventy's we were all influenced by this spirit of rebelling against the current structures. political and cultural. legendary british radio d.j. jump eels is said to have coined the term krautrock in the one nine hundred sixty eight and the pieces are epic full of improvising and experimental sounds but one band style varies greatly from the next group guru for example there from the free jazz scene and place i could tell a rock. from the from hamburg
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combines theory all selfish with rocking guitar riffs. tangerine dream founded in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven in berlin stylist calls. make music. and it's a we feel a heavy gravity in ourselves that we try to overcome. we try to do it with the help of music that carries a distinct theme. but. the music is cumbersome and doesn't always please the crowd at first around the mid seventy's krautrock nearly sank to oblivion then in the ninety's international boundaries
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like away says kasabian and radiohead came out as fans and integrated krautrock elements into their music. their money it's a tug of very divided when you travel the world these days you realize the time has become a sign of quality it's no longer tarnished with memories of german first world war soldiers the krauts. the crowd's. krautrock lives on in germany the berlin band camera still crowd rocking today. they identify with the tradition of the pioneers of the nine hundred sixty s. .
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when you just want to play together without a plan or any kind of idea that's how our music sounds then clinton used to make the music saw he was the most with much money sometimes it's pure chaos and this is all there has been so the past close but yet of course that's all part of it because that's what i like the uncertainty it's the legendary band camp what also celebrated for that chaotic. approach in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's today krautrock is considered one of germany's most important contributions to pop culture history. and they have that wasn't enough and you can find the biggest books out talk aids and the hottest songs of the week on our spotify playlist.
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can't just sponsored by. every week pop export publishes a new playlist on spotify with twenty songs all made in germany. chopped up is merely nieces and classic hits. followed pub export on spotify. brand new on my personal playlist is the current head to from our left and stephanie hines mama cold to build a house something live and laid back for fall. have fun the singing and dancing along to this track go bats all from me this week i'll see you next time here on public support. because of the due diligence shown in the good side but i don't. feel
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right. such a loved. one. can work it out and. to be considered. for it. to break away from my shoulder. but i was. told the song was going. to live the realm
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this way was a little bit the way it can were. to break. up. move. move move. move. move move. move move move. move move. move move move. move. move move. move move.
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move. move the to the. law. ninety sixty eight global recession. people everywhere for culture stand i am ekotto mocked him in the field no more coming creasing leave. disillusionment took all parts of the protest movement became radicalized move marjorie's the explosion just a small detail move. more
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